4th and Last Week of my OJT

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 4rd Week of OJT (February 16-20 & 23, 2009)

 This will be our last week of Duty, because we almost done 78 hours in this week. The last remaining two hours, we will just continue this one next week for just one day so we finish 82 hours in our OJT.

Inside this week, we are so busy in making those forms, especially for the officemate at SCCDCC I am encoding those papers works and that would be submitted within this week. Some inventories and scholarships of students!

Before we end our OJT we give thank to all of the staff in our department but our boss is not present at our last day of OJT. They also give thanks to us of what we had contributed from their department. They congratulate us for our achieving!

Thanks God we Finished our OJT!


Third Week of my OJT

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3rd Week of OJT (February 9-13, 2009)


As usual daily works we do at our office: encoding, paper works, but as of our new fulfillment with our OJT we submitted our First Logo made, SAN CARLOS MEDICAL SOCIETY LOGO, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL.

With our works we are not just assigned at Tourism Office only, we also have some assignment assigned at (San Carlos City Disaster Coordinating Council) or SCCDCC! Sometimes an assignment given by the officemate or near at City Mayors Office!

As a summary of our OJT within this week our 3rd week assigned at City Tourism Office I had learned a lot, specifically with all the information I got from them, some data that we encoded and we learned everything from them, but sometimes were a case that most of the time or that one day, we do nothing just to present and without doing anything, so bored and sleepy we just setting down, browsing internet from their computer.

Second Week of OJT

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2nd Week of OJT (February 2-6, 2009)


            Monday, February 6, 2009. This is my 2nd week of OJT. I came to work early. Our scheduled time every MWF was at 1-5 afternoon and it worth 4 hrs every MWF. TTH would be 8-12 mornings and 1-3 afternoon worth of 6 hours.

            This week our Department was so busy, entertaining visitors, both local and foreign visitors, tourists and so busy entertaining phone calls. As what I had observed w/ our boss, he had a lot of connected persons out source not just cover w/ in the city entire. Many papers to be compiled and be submitted. Most of the time I felt bored and sleepy w/o doing anything, just setting down and relaxing and I try not to be bored, so I entertained some staff w/ our department. They just call my attention whenever their would be some paper works to be encoded. This week I already felt confident w/ my works and I had done it easily.

            Before we end up w/ our 2nd week of OJT, Friday afternoon my boss gived us an assignment to be submitted on Monday, a logo design w/ their department.

            My 2nd week of OJT felt bored & sleepy but I learned how to communicate & felt comfortable w/ them.

First Week of My OJT

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1st Week of OJT (January 27-30, 2009)


            I started my OJT last January 27, 2009, it’s Tuesday.

Below was my first week of experience.


            We assigned at City Hall San Carlos, San Carlos City Negros Occidental. I came to work late. I am not been prepare with my OJT, conflict w/ my schedules, briefing w/ our instructress and requirements to be submitted or an endorsement letter. It was excited but of course a little bit nervous. Luckily, our officemates were very accommodating w/c made us feel comfortable w/ the environment. While our boss waited us. We had been oriented by Sir “Lizard” or commonly known w/ his nickname “ Computer Lizard” an ITCS In charge (Information Technology & Computer Services. Followed an orientation on our specific assigned offices.

            I was assigned to work in City Tourism Office w/ my partner Hazel, dela Victoria. Afterwards we had been oriented by their staff w/ their Department Head, Sir Joe Recalex Alingasa. A Tourism Officer Head II San Carlos City.

            First we had been toured w/ their tour guides, we tour around the City Hall w/ respective Offices and Department. An hour later, they give an assignment tasks, that was encoding. Computer encoding & printed, then do some office works making some forms, letters, inventory, request form, list of employees and many others…

            The following days. One I didn’t forgot was that, though I’m a touch typist in a computer keyboard, but believe, I’m not familiar using a type writer, I had no choice but to try it. First they instructed me on how to manipulate the type writer. They teach me and performed what they had instructed. I think my performance in typing on a type writer, I remember back when I was in grade one! Its hard to find the keys at the type writer unlike a computer keyboard. That was very fun I had learned on my OJT.